Basic Policy Statement

The NISD Quality Procedures Program certifies that recognized quality assurance procedures are established so the end result will be quality detailing services available to the steel construction industry. This program provides a method to insure uniform levels of procedures for detailing firms through a nationwide system for defining and recognizing quality assurance procedures and a firm’s commitment to quality.

Program Characteristics

Evaluation and on-site inspections will be conducted by a registered professional engineer approved by the committee. The program will consist of an initial audit and a triennial audit, thereafter. The intervening years require a written self-audit based on the standard program checklist.

Procedures Checklist (partial)
  • Are detail drawings checked by qualified personnel?
  • Are jobs field checked?
  • Are design changes and revisions to shop drawings reviewed by a responsible agent?
  • What is your procedure for clarification of design problems?

Any legally recognized firm whose primary business is the in-house production of steel detailing drawings or any full-time detailing division of a steel fabrication firm is eligible to apply for certification. The applicant will be required to provide pertinent information such as:

  • A listing of representative projects completed in the last 10 years.
  • Letter of recommendation from two clients served in the past 12 months.
  • Resumes and job description of all principals and full or part-time employees.
  • Company policy statement.
  • Organizational chart and processing procedures.

For fee structure, contact the QPP Administrator by clicking here.

QPP Certified Companies

Ace & Stewart Detailing, Inc. – Glenn Ihde & Company – International Design Services, Inc.- J. B. Long, Inc. – John Linn Associates, Inc. – McGill Engineering, Inc. – National Detail Service – P.E.C. Detailing Co., Inc. – PDC Asia Pacific – SRG ONESOURCE LLC – Steel Systems Engineering, Inc. – Tenca Steel Detailing, Inc. – Techflow, Inc. – DGS Technical Services, Inc. – Quality Drafting Co., Inc.